Modern. Santa Fe. Style

When my husband and I decided to move our young family to Santa Fe almost ten years ago, I felt more reservation than excitement. I was thrilled to move closer to my parents and sister, and to escape the relentless rain of the Pacific Northwest, but I was worried about my identity as a designer.  Would Santa Fe restrict me to turquoise and adobe?  Could I embrace an architectural vernacular that was drastically different from the one I already spoke? Would I be able to find the design diversity and inspiration that Portland and Seattle had given me, or would I be bound to designing boxy, brown houses with kitschy coyote motifs for the rest of my life?  


Fast forward a decade and many interesting design projects later…and eventually my naivetée subsided. I’ve now come to embrace all that Santa Fe has to offer—rich cultural traditions, diverse populations, distinctive architecture, talented artisans, and a very progressive art scene.  I’ve even begun to appreciate turquoise and adobe (but not coyote motifs – that’s never happening!).  Today, I’m indebted to the role that Santa Fe has played in shaping my own design aesthetic and that of Built Design Collective. It’s an aesthetic that’s founded on the principles of clean modern lines, and inspired by what Santa Fe living is really all about: a strong sense of community, a deep respect for nature, an appreciation for contrast and balance, and the importance of comfort and livability.  


This is my Santa Fe, and I look forward to giving you a glimpse—through this blog—into this very special world that I feel privileged to inhabit. 


Warmest regards, 
Cara Scarola